Annual Compliance Nominee Service

For $100 a year, Buffalo Registered Agents will complete your annual report on your company’s behalf. Our Annual Compliance Nominee Service is designed to not only reduce annual paperwork for business owners, but to maintain long-term business privacy.

Maintaining LLC Privacy Controls

One of the most compelling reasons tax strategists, estate planners, and those concerned with asset protection start LLCs in Wyoming is for privacy. When you form a Wyoming LLC, if you have obtained the services of a Wyoming registered agent, you are not required to list the LLC members. Most states require this information to be listed on public documents, which creates a vulnerability for business owners. Hackers, spammers, and data scrapers can easily search a state database for ownership information, and attempt to ensnare business owners in any number of outlandish, nefarious plots. With the Wyoming business privacy, business owners have to worry much less about these traps, as they can maintain a great amount of control over the release of their personal information as it pertains to their Wyoming business entity.

However, what some Wyoming business owners don’t realize when they start an LLC in Wyoming is that our state does require LLCs to file annual reports, which are also considered public documents. Wyoming annual reports require someone authorized by the company to sign and list their name each year. This is a good way to lose the privacy initially established when forming the LLC.

Our Annual Compliance Nominee Service

At Buffalo Registered Agents, we know that privacy is a top concern for many of our clients. If we serve as your registered agent and/or we formed your LLC, you can rest assured that we did so while maintaining the highest degree of privacy. However, some clients either want to maintain this privacy far into the future and do not want to be bothered with the hassle of filing their annual report every year. If that sounds like you, for $100 a year (plus the $62 annual report fee), we’ll file your annual report on your behalf.

Our Annual Compliance Service Includes:

For $100 a year (plus state fees), we will:

  • File your Wyoming annual report on your company’s behalf
  • Maintain the same level of privacy that was established upon forming your business entity
  • Ensure your annual report is filed on time to keep your business in good standing

Note: While we will of course file annual reports and fulfill all aspects of our Annual Compliance Nominee Service for Wyoming corporations, Wyoming corporations cannot maintain the same amount of privacy/anonymity as a Wyoming LLC. Wyoming corporations are required to list the names of all beneficial owners on each annual report.