Get a Real Wyoming Business Address

Every business needs an address. When you start a business in Wyoming, you’ll be required by the state to list an address on your LLC or corporation formation documents. This is the address that will appear if someone searches for your business online in the state database. It’s also the address where all of your legal and state mail will be sent. But what confuses people is that this Wyoming business address doesn’t have to be the place where your business is actually located. Lots of folks working from home or without an official business address often don’t feel comfortable listing their home address on these public business documents. That’s where we come in!  Our registered agent and business formation services offer you privacy, allowing you to keep your personal address and your business’s address separate.

How To Get a Wyoming Business Address

The easiest and fastest way to get a Wyoming business address is to hire a Wyoming registered agent service to either form your LLC or corporation, or to list their address on your documents if you’re filing yourself. Be sure the registered agent you hire allows the use of their address on your documents. Not all do.

Providing clients with a business address in Wyoming is one of the primary features of our registered agent service. It’s a quick solution for home-based operations or businesses with no fixed address. Hiring us to form your Wyoming LLC or corporation, or to act as your your Wyoming registered agent, gives you access to not only list our commercial address, but it also allows you to feel secure that your privacy needs are being met along with your business needs. At no extra charge, we’ll scan all of your legal and state mailings, and upload them into your secure online account for your eyes only.

Do I Need Mail Forwarding?

When you hire Buffalo Registered Agents to either act as your registered agent, or form your business, we let you use our Wyoming business address in place of your own. Then we’ll scan all of your legal and secretary of state notices, and upload them into your secure online account and notify you right away. Plus you’ll get 3 free scans per year for any other mail you might receive (we shred junk mail). This is all included in our registered agent fee of just $49 per year!

The only downside for some folks, though, is our free option doesn’t include a unique suite address that is assigned to your business only. For a unique Wyoming mailing address at our commercial building, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid mail forwarding package as outlined below:


Buffalo Registered Agent Service

$49 Buffalo Mail Forwarding

$99 Buffalo Mail Forwarding

      Buffalo Virtual    Office

Business Address

Mail Forwarding

3 documents/year

+10 documents/year

+25 documents/year


Suite Number


Office Lease


Phone Service

 90 Days Free  90 Days Free  90 Days Free

Mail Forwarding with Unique Address Options:

Both of our paid Mail Forwarding options include a unique suite number for your business and the 3 free regular mail scans that all our registered agent clients enjoy. On top of that you can select from either package below.

$49 Package– This option adds an additional 10 digital mail scans uploaded to your secure online account annually.

$99 Package– If you need a little more, this option adds an additional 25 scans uploaded to your secure online account.

With both our Wyoming mail forwarding packages, when mail arrives, we open it, scan it, and then upload it to your online account. We’ll notify you of new mail, and from there you can log in anywhere and at anytime, 24/7. No dealing with paper cuts or junk mail.

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Wyoming Virtual Office: Much More Than a Mailing Address

Technology has made it easier than ever to work from anywhere your laptop or smartphone can go. This raises the question for business owners, why pay for office space if I don’t need to? How can I look professional and maintain my privacy while working from home?

Our Wyoming Virtual Office Service is what you’re looking for. When you hire us, we’ll provide you with a commercial business address and unique suite number, and mail service with unlimited scans for only $19/month. You’ll also get our Wyoming virtual phone service and an office lease too, all things that will make your business really hum with confidence.

Our services are unique in that you can choose the services your business needs, without having to pay for services it doesn’t. Instead of paying big bucks to a landlord for office space, Buffalo Registered Agents can help you project a professional image without the professional price!

Wyoming Phone Service: $99 a year

If you only need a business phone number, our Wyoming Phone Service gives you a simple, fast way to connect with your clients while keeping your personal number private. And it’s more than just call forwarding—your virtual phone line comes packed with user-friendly features that you can access from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Why Use Our Wyoming Business Address?

There’s a lot of fly-by-night registered agent services out there that charge a lot and deliver less. We’re a small business too, so we know what it’s like to work for every inch of market share. That’s why we don’t offer any needless gimmicks, no up-sells, and our prices stay the same. We stand behind our services, we stand behind our address, and we stand behind you.

  • Privacy
    Wyoming already offers its businesses exceptional privacy, but why risk the scammers, junk mailers, and doorbell ringers when you can use our address? Our Wyoming business address not only verifies your company as being the real deal, but you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your address is safely tucked away from the prying eyes of the public.
  • Flexibility
    Using our address as your primary Wyoming address allows you the flexibility to change office locations as your business grows. Plus you won’t have to file any change of address paperwork with the state. The flexibility our address provides will give your business a stable location, and give the right impression to your customers.
  • Digital Mail Solution
    When any legal or state mail comes to our office for your business, we’ll scan and upload that mail the same day. You’ll be able to access that mail through your online account. As an added bonus we’ll scan and upload up to 3 items of your choice, per year. If you think your business will get more mail than this, we offer other packages to help round out your business needs.
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