Wyoming Certificate of Authority for Foreign Corporations

Filing Service for Wyoming Foreign Corporations

Any corporation formed outside the state of Wyoming is a foreign corporation. If your foreign corporation wishes to do business in Wyoming, you will need a Wyoming registered agent as well as a Wyoming Certificate of Authority. You can obtain this by submitting paperwork to the Wyoming Secretary of State. Once the forms have been submitted the state will send you a filed Certificate of Authority.

We charge $100 plus the Wyoming state filing fee to prepare and submit the foreign Wyoming corporation Certificate of Authority form to the Wyoming Secretary of State. We also will obtain the certificate of good standing needed from the state your corporation was originally formed.

If you want to submit the paperwork for a foreign Wyoming corporation yourself, you just need to order our Wyoming registered agent service and you’ll find the foreign corporation form in your client account, along with filing tips on how to make the filing with the state. Your business needs to have a Wyoming registered agent anyway, so we try to make this an easy process for you, whether you want us to do the filing or you want to do the filing yourself.

I need a Wyoming Certificate of Authority. What Are My Next Steps?

  1. Sign up for Wyoming registered agent service for only $49.
  2. View the forms and instructions for filing a Certificate of Authority for a Wyoming foreign corporation.
  3. Decide to either file yourself or click on “Add Services” to add our filing services within your client account.
  4. Once you have added filing services, you will see updates on the progress of the filing. Clients will have access to completed filings in their online accounts at all times. We email you the filed documents and mail the original documents to you.

How to Register a Foreign Corporation in Wyoming

  1. Request a Certificate of Good Standing From Your Home State

    To prove that your Foreign Corporation exists and is in good standing in its home state, the Wyoming Secretary of State requires you to file a Certificate of Good Standing from your home state. Good standing means that your Corporation is registered and has paid all of its taxes and state fees.

    A Certificate of Good Standing is also called, in certain states, a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Authorization.

    To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, you must request one from the Secretary of State in your home state. Fees differ from state to state.

    The Certificate must be no older than 60 days, otherwise it will be rejected. Once you have the Certificate, don’t file it just yet.

  2. Fill Out the Wyoming Corporation Application for Certificate of Authority

    To register your Foreign Corporation in Wyoming, you must file a Corporation Application for a Certificate of Authority. Once this document is accepted and approved, your Corporation will be able to legally do business in Wyoming.

    When you fill out the Application for Certificate of Authority, you will need to appoint a Wyoming registered agent. A registered agent must maintain a physical office location within the state and accept service of process on behalf of clients.

    Buffalo Registered Agent charges only $49 per year for registered agent service.

    When you hire a Wyoming registered agent, they will send you a Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form, which must be filed with the Application. This form confirms that your agent agrees to represent you.

  3. File Documents

    Once all of your documents are filled out and ready to go, you can send all three documents (Certificate of Good Standing, Application for Certificate of Authority, and Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent) to the Wyoming Secretary of State. There is a $150 filing fee.

    Make checks and money orders payable to: Wyoming Secretary of State.

    Mail your documents to:

    Wyoming Secretary of State
    Herschler Building East
    122 W 25th St
    Suites 100 and 101
    Cheyenne, WY 82002

Can Buffalo Registered Agent Register My Foreign Corporation?

Yes. Hire us as your registered agent first. We charge $100 plus the state filing fees for this service.

Once you’ve hired us as your registered agent:

From your Buffalo Online Account:

  1. View the Application for Certificate of Authority
  2. Select Add Services
  3. Confirm that you want to add this filing service
  4. We will obtain a Certificate of Good Standing
  5. We file the Certificate of Authority and the CGS
  6. We will update you on the status of your filing

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