Wyoming Foreign LLC

If you have a limited liability company located in another state and want to conduct business in Wyoming, you will need a Wyoming Certificate of Authority to operate in Wyoming. One can be obtained by submitting paperwork as a foreign LLC with the Wyoming Secretary of State. After you submit your forms, the State of Wyoming will email you a Wyoming certificate of authority. A Wyoming foreign LLC should not be confused with an out-of-country LLC. Any LLC not actually formed (created) in Wyoming is a foreign LLC.

Registration is not particularly complicated, but you will need documents from both your home state and from Wyoming.

Steps to Registering a Foreign LLC in Wyoming

  1. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing From Your Home State

    The Wyoming Secretary of State needs evidence that your LLC is registered and in good standing in your home state. Good standing means that your LLC has paid its taxes and is current with all its required filings.

    In some states, a Certificate of Good Standing is known as a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Authorization. Regardless of the name, this is the same document in all cases.

    To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, you will need to contact your home state’s Secretary of State’s office. The fees to get this document vary from state to state.

    The Certificate can be no older than 60 days, or else it will not be accepted.

  2. Fill Out a Wyoming LLC Certificate of Authority

    A Wyoming LLC Application for Certificate of Authority is the document that will register your Foreign LLC with the Secretary of State’s office.

    In filling out the Certificate of Authority, you will need to appoint a Wyoming registered agent to accept service of process within the state. The registered agent must have a physical address within Wyoming.

    You can hire Buffalo Registered Agent for only $49 a year.

    When you hire a Wyoming registered agent, they will send you a Consent to Appointment form that must be filed with the Certificate of Authority.

  3. File Documents

    Send all three documents (Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Authority, and Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent) to the Wyoming Secretary of State and pay the $100 filing fee. Checks and money orders should be made payable to: Wyoming Secretary of State.

    Documents can be mailed to:

    Wyoming Secretary of State
    State Capitol Building, Room 110
    Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Can I Hire Buffalo Registered Agent to Register My Foreign LLC?

Yes. First, you must hire us as your registered agent. We charge $100 plus the state filing fees for this service.

Once you have hired us as your registered agent:

From your Buffalo Online Account:

  1. View Certificate of Authority form
  2. Select Add Services and confirm that you want to add this filing service
  3. We will obtain the Certificate of Good Standing
  4. We will file your Certificate of Authority and CGS with the Secretary of State
  5. We will automatically update you on the status of your filing

If you wish to relocate to Wyoming and make your company a Wyoming LLC, this process is known as Domestication. To do this, you should read our page on How to Move Your Company to Wyoming.