Terms and Policy Service Agreement

*In the agreement below, “We” means Buffalo Registered Agents LLC; “You” refers to the client. Any information on this website, or expressed by Buffalo Registered Agents LLC is only an interpretation and opinion. Buffalo Registered Agents LLC is not licensed to practice law, or file tax returns, and we do not offer legal advice.

By accepting the terms and services, the client agrees to: allow Buffalo Registered Agents LLC to accept service of process on their behalf; provide all information necessary for Buffalo Registered Agents LLC to comply with Wyoming state laws and commercial registered agent requirements(W.S. 17-28-107basically requires us to have your company’s contact information and a complete director/manager roster). We provide tools in your online account to securely store your company’s information.Should you hire us, and be unwilling to provide us real information about your company, we reserve the right to resign as your registered agent. Buffalo Registered Agents LLC’s liability, financial or otherwise, is limited only to the fees paid to Buffalo Registered Agents LLC.

Buffalo Registered Agents LLC agrees to: accept service of process on behalf of your business(es) and forward these legal documents and notices to you; meet all registered agent service provider requirements set forth by Wyoming state law, W.S. Title 17 Chapter 28; not sell or provide your information to any private third-party.

Fee Schedule

Disputed charges:

(We do not store your credit card number and will never run your credit card without your expressed permission. It affects our credit when you dispute a charge, so if you’re unhappy with our services, please call us and we’ll be pleased to work something out.)