Our Mission In Wyoming

Here at Buffalo Registered Agent LLC, we believe your privacy should not be optional. That goes double for business owners.

That’s why we focus solely on Wyoming businesses, right here in the state that created the LLC structure and pioneered legislation to protect business owners. Our mission?

  • To make it easier for you to start a business in Wyoming
  • To protect your right to privacy as a business owner
  • To simplify your compliance with the Secretary of State
  • To provide you resources to streamline your company
  • To give you the tools to kick off marketing your business

We’ve been at this for years, helping form LLCs in Wyoming, incorporating Wyoming businesses, and providing lifetime support to our clients. We’re here because we believe in business, and as local registered agents, we make sure you get everything your business needs quickly, easily, and affordably. And we make sure to handle everything so that you can keep your attention on what matters—running your business.

How Do We Support Your Wyoming Business?

We started here in Wyoming because we know the value a local registered agent brings to the table. And with our years of experience, we’ve been able to build out services that cover all of your business needs:

  • Local registered agent service
  • Use of our permanent Wyoming address on public filings instead of yours
  • Our signature as your organizer or incorporator to keep your name off of public records
  • Our premium privacy package: The Firm LLC™
  • The digital resources for developing your Wyoming business profile right now, including a domain and linked email address
  • An entire database of professionally drafted and filled out business documents, including LLC operating agreements and corporate bylaws
  • Expert Wyoming asset protection
  • Reasonable prices, real value

You can do everything through your secure online client account, where we send you same-day mail scans and provide you additional services for your business needs. And year after year, we provide you premier registered agent and business services for only $49 a year.

We can do all this because we’re local. We choose to do all this because we believe in independent business owners as the bedrock of Wyoming’s economy. And we enjoy what we do because we care about Wyoming.

About Buffalo, Wyoming

We said we love Wyoming, but there’s a special place in our hearts for Buffalo. Here is some of what we really love about the place we named our business after:

Downtown Buffalo Wyoming Main Street

Downtown Buffalo Wyoming main street
*Downtown Buffalo Wyoming main street
Down along Main Street, you’ll find the Occidental Hotel, where you can still see the bullet holes left over from the hotel’s Wild West past. If you’re not looking to stay in Buffalo, you can always find a seat at the Busy Bee Café on hotel’s main floor. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also swing down the road and grab some BBQ at the smokehouse aptly named Up in Smoke. Either choice is a good one.

Crazy Woman Square Park

Crazy Woman Square Park

Many years ago, our county prosecutor had his law office here at the corner of downtown. There was a crazy woman that went through Colorado and Wyoming and burned down many buildings. It’s alleged she burned down many more than what she was actually caught for. But before she was caught, she burned down his law office too. The result was an empty lot and the City of Buffalo eventually turned this corner of our downtown into a great community gathering spot. Now all this is true, but when we get some visiting family members, we like to tell them this is to commemorate the crazy woman who burned down the building. The real truth is the stream right across the street is called “Crazy Woman Creek”. It comes out of the Bighorn Mountains. There are conflicting legends and stories about how the creek was actually named, but the square has its name because it’s right next to the creek. But still, we like to joke.

Johnson County Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse

Buffalo, WY is the county seat of Johnson County. As you can see, it’s a pretty small courthouse. We only have 9,000 people in our entire county, which makes for quick business at the courthouse if we need to drop off filings.

Jim Gatchell Museum

Jim Gatchell Museum

The Jim Gatchell Museum opened in 1900 when Jim opened his drugstore. Jim used the Buffalo Pharmacy to display his many gifts that he had received (guns, tools, war bonnets, bows, arrows, clothing, and medicine bags) from the cowboys, lawmen, settlers, cattle barons, and famous army scouts that frequented his shop. The museum has since moved buildings, into the Carnegie Library Building (built by Andrew Carnegie), and still features many of the gifts Jim displayed in his shop. Everything is presented in a much more official way now in the museum, much like the way we do business these days, but the history of our town and state is preserved.

Longmire Days

Longmire Days

You’ve heard of the TV show Longmire, right? It’s based right here in Buffalo, so we have Longmire Days festivals!

The Longmire mysteries were written by Craig Johnson and are based on life here in Buffalo, Wy. We like to have Longmire get-togethers and watch a run of Longmires on Netflix. Kind of like a hangover, we call it a Longmire-headache from watching too many in a row.

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