Wyoming Business Presence

Web + Domain + Email + SSL Security + Local Phone

Our Wyoming Business Presence package gives you all the tools to streamline forming an LLC or corporation, including a customizable website, domain name of your choice, SSL for website security, business email, and local phone service you can easily manage from your current phone. And the best part? You can get started for FREE when you sign up for Wyoming Registered Agent Service or Business Formation Service.

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What’s included with Wyoming Business Presence?

When you add Wyoming Business Presence to our registered agent or business formation services, you’ll receive all the tools to establish your company’s online presence.

  • Customizable Website: Stand out online with a professional website. With our easy-to-use tools and pre-built templates, you can make your vision a reality. Plus, our Web Support Team will help you through the process.
  • Domain Name Of Your Choice: Choose your name and your .com, .org, or other ending (ex: mybusinessnamehere.com).
  • SSL Security: Protect your customer’s information (passwords or user names) from potential hackers.
  • Business Email: Add up to 10 secure and ad-free email addresses directly linked to your domain (ex: [email protected]).
  • Local Phone Service: With our web-based phone service, you can easily manage your business-related calls from your current mobile device.

Each service (except domain service) is free for 90 days. Afterward, you’ll pay $9 a month for each service you choose to keep. Domain service is free (up to $25) for one year. After the first year, you’ll pay the current market price for your domain. Most domains (like .com and .net) will cost around $25 a year.

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Benefits of Wyoming Business Presence

Our Wyoming Business Presence lets you build an online presence with endless possibilities. ZERO coding experience required. Plus, you’ll get a domain name of your choice, SSL for website security, up to 10 email addresses directly linked to your domain, and virtual phone service with a Wyoming area code. Additional benefits include:

Intuitive, User-Friendly Tools

  • Drag-and-drop tools to easily add your own text, videos, and photos.
  • Free Android or iOS apps to receive and manage your business calls from your current phone or computer.
  • Pre-built Home, Contact Us, and About Us pages to hit the ground running.

UNLIMITED, Individualized Support

  • Step-by-step instructions from our Web Support Team
  • 24/7 support from REAL people

Affordable Price Tag

  • 90-day FREE trial of web hosting, SSL Security, business email, and phone service. Afterward, you’ll pay just $9 monthly for each service you keep.
  • ONE YEAR free of domain service (up to $25). Then, just $25+ each year to renew.
  • 20% discount when you bundle everything together.


How Our Wyoming Business Presence Works

Step One: Sign Up for Wyoming Registered Agent Service OR Business Formation. When you check out, make sure “Wyoming Business Presence” is selected.

Step Two: Choose a Domain Name. Once your order is complete, you can access your secure online account. From there, you’ll be asked to choose a domain name. If you are still waiting for your formation paperwork to be approved by the state, you can hold off on this step.

Step Three: Set Up Your Business Email Password. Add up to 10 email addresses directly linked to your domain.

Step Four: Chat with our Web Support Team. After you sign up (typically the same day), our Web Support Team will reach out to help you set up your website. Need more time? No worries! We’re happy to schedule a chat for a later day.

Features of Wyoming Business Presence

1. Domain Name

Your domain name (or domain) is a string of text you type to access a website. For example, the domain name for Buffalo Registered Agents is wyregisteredagent.net. Domains are also referred to as web addresses or URLs.

Most domain names consist of two parts:

  • Second-Level Domain (SLD): SLDs are what make your domain unique. For example, the SLD for our website is “wyregisteredagent.” Your SLD could be the name of your business, brand name, or human name–whatever floats your boat.
  • Top-Level Domain (TLD): TLDs follow the final dot of your domain name. For example, in our domain name “wyregisteredagent.net,” “.net” is the TLD. Other popular TLDs include .com and .co.

How do I choose a domain name?

Choose a domain name that will highlight your brand and services. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep it short and sweet. If your domain is too long or complex, it can be challenging for people to remember or spell.
  • Make sure it’s related to your products or services. Choosing a domain connected to your business will help your website rank (which increases traffic) and make sense to customers. For example, if you provide landscaping services, you may want to include the word “landscape” or “landscaping” in your domain.

Why is it important to have my own domain name?

Although you may see our competitors offering free websites, you often have to use a domain tied to that company–something like “competitorsname.com/yourbusinessname.” And, while free web hosting might sound nice, having such a long domain name can make it hard for customers to find you. Plus, it’s not very professional.

Having your own domain name will help build credibility, increase brand awareness, and improve search engine ranking.

How much does a domain name cost?

Domain prices vary, but most domains (like .com or .net) cost around $25 a year. However, some unique domains, such as “.bar” or .press,” can be more expensive (up to $100 in some cases). Going with something more familiar, like “.com” will save you money and be easier for people to remember.

Our domain service is free (up to $25) for the first year. If you choose a more expensive domain, you’ll pay the difference. For example, if your domain renews at $30, you’ll pay $5 ($30 minus $25) for the first year. After the first year, you’ll pay the current market value for your domain. Again, most will cost around $25 a year.

What if I already have a domain name?

That’s not a problem! You can easily transfer your domain to our service. Plus, you’ll get the same deal—free for the first year (up to $25).

2. Customizable Website

Your website (in many ways) is like a physical storefront where customers can buy your products or services. Your domain (or URL) is like the street address for your website. With the support of our Web Team, you can build a professional site designed to sell.

What if I’ve never built a website?

Thankfully, our Wyoming Business Presence requires ZERO coding experience. Whether you’ve created dozens of websites or are brand new, our Web Support Team will walk you through each step. Our pre-built templates and drag-and-drop tools make adding text, photos, and videos simple.

What should I put on my website?

Whatever you put on your business website is entirely up to you. But you’ll probably want to include basic information such as your company name, descriptions of your products/services, and business hours. You can also include your origin story (or About Us page) and customer reviews.

3. SSL Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that protects customer information (such as credit card information) entered on your website from hackers. In simple terms, SSL scrambles sensitive data transferred between computers, preventing outsiders from stealing your customers’ information.

Do I need SSL for my website?

Having SSL will help customers feel safe when visiting or purchasing on your site. Websites with SSL begin with “https” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), whereas sites without SSL are preceded with “http.” SSL lets people know your website is secure and trustworthy.

4. Business Email

Email is a quick and efficient way of communicating with clients and vendors. With Wyoming Business Presence, you’ll get an email address (up to 10) directly linked to your domain (i.e., [email protected]). You can use it to send order confirmations, shipping notices, and promotional material.

How can I access my email?

Once you purchase Business Presence, you can access your website and email through your secure client account.

5. Business Phone Number

Our Wyoming Business Presence includes web-based phone service, making receiving and managing your business calls easy. Plus, with our FREE iOS or Android apps, you can do everything from your current phone or mobile device. You also get UNLIMITED talk, SMS text, visual voicemail, and call forwarding to any US number.


Can I have any domain name I want?

Domain names must be unique, so there can’t be duplicates. But don’t worry! Our Website Support Team will help you choose a perfect name for you and your business.

Can I change my domain name if I don’t like it?

With our services, you’ll never be locked into anything. If you want to change your domain, let us know. We’ll make sure it doesn’t renew.

I already have a domain name. Can I transfer my service to you?

Absolutely! After you sign up, our Web Support Team will help you through the transfer process. And the best part? We’ll do it for FREE.

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