Wyoming Business Formation Service

What we offer:

If you need to incorporate in Wyoming, we offer local and personalized service. Our exclusive Wyoming incorporation service package includes:

  • Filing completed in less than 3 days
  • Custom-drafted articles for optimum liability protection
  • Use of our Wyoming address on public articles to keep your info off of public records
  • Free mail forwarding (up to 5 documents a year)
  • Initial resolutions
  • Organizational elections
  • Operating agreement or corporate bylaws
  • The Wyoming $100 state filing fee
  • Our $49 annual registered agent fee
  • Federal Tax ID number
  • Our name as incorporator on public records

$149 Total for a Wyoming LLC or Corporation:

  • 1-3 day filing time (1 Day LLC Formations)
  • Specialized articles we create to maximize the benefits of Wyoming for you
  • Proper internal resolutions from us to you
  • LLC operating agreement or corporate bylaws included
  • LLC membership certificates included
  • Corporation stock certificates included
  • Online account with library of any resolutions or changes you could ever do
  • Your information is not given to the state
  • We use our address for your mailing, principal, agent, and organizer
  • Other agents give you a suite number in an executive office center or virtual office. You’ll have a real address with us
  • Includes state filing fee
  • Includes 1 year of registered agent service. $49 every year after that
  • Includes our filing service fee
  • BANK APPROVED! Don’t get stuck with a Wyoming Incorporation Service that gives you worthless papers. When we’re done, you walk into a bank anywhere and we guarantee you’ll have what you need to open up a bank account anywhere in the US.

$400 Total. Our exclusive Wyoming Firm LLC®.

We created the Wyoming Firm LLC™  Yes a simple Wyoming LLC has been commoditized, and you can find any number of websites selling you a “Wyoming LLC” for next to nothing so they can get your contact details and sell you off to 10 other companies and make much more money off selling you as a lead.

For our prestigious clients that actually want the full benefits of what a Wyoming LLC can do for you, we created something unique. Anyone can file the state approved forms. Anyone can draft pretty Wyoming LLC articles of organization. And anyone can make a 30 page operating agreement that is full of so much garbage you don’t know how your LLC actually functions but you feel good having a 30 page document that doesn’t do much of anything for you except confuse you.

If you’re someone that wants the best; a Wyoming Firm LLC® was our creation for you:

  • Special privacy
  • Additional judgment protections
  • Difficulty for predators
  • Ease of succession and transfers if wanted
  • Stability against aggressive takeovers
  • Federal Tax ID number included

Privacy Matters. How does Buffalo Registered Agent ensure your privacy?

All registered agents in Wyoming are required to maintain your confidential information and are required to turn over this information if served a proper court order. Wyoming LLCs may be “anonymous” from the eyes of the general public, but they are not completely anonymous. We are required by the State of Wyoming to store contact and management details for every company we serve as registered agent for. Wyoming registered agents that do not comply with this, risk having all their clients’ companies get dissolved with the state. If you’re company is dissolved, you have no way of keeping it private. You have to come forward to re-activate it. It’s crucial that you have a Wyoming agent that will help you keep your company in good standing.

  • Our custom Articles elect and take advantage of Wyoming’s asset protection and privacy laws
  • We keep your names off of public records
  • Court orders are verified to be properly issued. (people actually bring in fake court orders to try to find you).
  • Clients are notified if a court order is received and before information is released
  • Your sensitive personal information is on a secure server, off-site
  • We maintain strict security rules for employees regarding client information
  • We maintain a real address which will be seen to the public as your address, not a suite in an Executive Office Center

Many people hire national incorporation websites to form their Wyoming LLCs or Wyoming Corporations and their filing paperwork is done wrong. We fix these bad filings every day. It takes weeks to get their company formed, and then you get nothing more than a filed set of the state provided articles that you could have downloaded for free yourself, and a CD with hours of additional work to get done. We’re Wyoming business formation experts. We only do Wyoming and we do it better than anyone else.

We serve many valued clients that need to have companies that are private. They pay their taxes, run their businesses legally, and are upstanding members of society. They desire privacy to prevent their assets from being searched and found. If we determine that a client is abusing the system or trying to hide from the law behind their Wyoming company, we will resign as their registered agent. We do not offer nominee services or shelf companies. If a registered agent providing business formation service is offering nominee services, what kind of companies will be associated with the address you’re about to use? Additionally, if your agent knows what they’re doing, there’s no need for nominee services. We maintain a “pure” address out of respect for our clients and their business’ reputation and safety.

What you need to know about incorporating in Wyoming:

In order to form a Wyoming corporation you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State. (To form a Wyoming LLC, you must file Articles of Organization.) The signatures on these documents must be original. Wyoming incorporation filings are generally processed by the state within 3-5 business days.

There is no corporate or personal income tax in Wyoming, making it one of the leading states to incorporate in. You will be asked to file an annual report every year after the initial incorporation of your business, and the fee for that report is $62 online (or we can file for your annual compliance for you for $100 a year plus the state fee).

How your Wyoming registered agent assists you:

As your Wyoming registered agent, we facilitate an online environment in which you the client can easily have access to forms and documents concerning your business at any time. You are able to easily keep track of report dates, receive timely reminders of when you will need to file, and immediate, personal customer service.

If you wish to hire us to do your Wyoming incorporation filing, you can order the Wyoming incorporation service package online. If you just want to order our Wyoming registered agent service, once you are our client, you can add additional LLC or corporation filing services within your online account.

Why who you hire is more important than you think:

Whomever you hire to incorporate your new Wyoming company will likely be your registered agent. All of your legal notices will come to your WY registered agent. You need to trust the company you will be putting in place for this critical part of your new business. We have built our own web portal to quickly get you your service of process and legal notices instantly as we receive them on your behalf. You can be anywhere in the world and access your account to see what is going on with your company.

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