Wyoming Registered Agent Service $49 a Year

Buffalo Registered Agents is the premium Wyoming registered agent. We’ve taken our client’s privacy and asset protection to new heights by creating the Firm LLC™. We offer the most affordable Wyoming LLC formation service in the industry at $151 (including a $2 credit card fee) total. We provide clients with secure, high-tech client online accounts to track important business documents and official notices. At Buffalo Registered Agents, we ensure your Wyoming company receives the highest degree of service possible.

Business Address & Mail Forwarding Included

A Wyoming registered agent is critical to the maintenance and good standing of your Wyoming company. Your Wyoming registered agent will be your company’s main point of contact, and we believe it’s essential to choose a registered agent that offers all of these services:

  • 100% Wyoming registered agent satisfaction guaranteed
  • Use of our Wyoming address on public articles to keep your info off of public records
  • Free mail forwarding (up to 3 document scans per year)
  • We can sign as your organizer or incorporator to keep your name off of public records
  • Wyoming Asset Protection is all we do. We do Wyoming Company Structuring; simple or complex
  • We’ll scan your documents into your online account in real time
  • We’ll provide you annual report reminders via email and in your customer portal
  • No PO Boxes. You’ll use our physical address for mailing as well
  • No up-sells, gimmicks, or pricing games
  • We’ll help you maintain your Wyoming company and asset protection strategies
  • We supply the digital resources for developing your Wyoming business profile right now
  • High-end products like the Firm LLC™
  • A reasonable fee: $49 is enough that we can actually make money to ensure we’ll be here year after year without being a costly burden

Wyoming Registered Agent Requirements:

All Wyoming LLCs, Wyoming corporations, and basically any type of business entity formed or registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State has to appoint a registered agent with a physical address in the State of Wyoming. This address must be open during normal business hours in order to receive mail and service of process. The registered agent maintains a critical communication point with the State of Wyoming on your behalf.

Why are there Wyoming Registered Agents?

The Wyoming Secretary of State office is the smartest business office out of any state in America. The state knows why you’re here. We have no income tax, our state formed the first LLC in 1977, and we’ve continually introduced better and better asset protection laws, along with great charging order protections, and further more, given you a way to form and maintain business entities through a competent registered agent in a manner that eliminates your name(s) from being accessed publicly. BUT because of all this the state has regulations on registered agents in Wyoming. We are the keepers of a Wyoming company’s private details. It’s our duty as registered agents to know who our clients are, keep proper internal documents for you, and help you maintain a Wyoming Company. Your Wyoming registered agent should be able to make this process painless for you, not just offer you a cheap price. The State of Wyoming doesn’t want to know who the members and managers are, but they need to be able to point to someone who does. That’s why Wyoming regulates registered agent services. We actually have stiff penalties for not doing our job as a commercial Wyoming registered agent. The good news for you, is that while there are some other states allowing private business formations, they will ultimately trend away from this practice, while our state is smart enough to create a system where they don’t need or want to know more than they need to, but have registered agent services that act as a point of contact if needed. No other state compares to Wyoming for keeping your personal information private.

Top reasons to hire Buffalo Registered Agents:

  • We scan items received into your online account in real time for no additional cost.
  • Online account. Many other WY registered agents don’t offer an online account.
  • Every one of our clients gets free mail forwarding (up to 3 documents scanned per year).
  • Keep your address private. We let clients use our business address on state filings and other paperwork.
  • You get the tools to put your company on the web, including a professional email address at your own domain and a secure business website.
  • A Wyoming business phone line that you can connect to your device using the internet or by downloading our iOS or Android app.
  • Registered Agent Consent forms are mailed to you the day you sign up (except for domestic LLCs, which can be formed instantly online).
  • If you hire us to form your WY company, you’ll be done in 5 minutes.
  • NO upsells.
  • Real address. Not a suite number in an Executive Suites Facility.
  • Timely reminders to file your required Wyoming annual reports.
  • Corporate supplies available (binders to store important documents, embossing seal) to help your business stay organized and professional.
  • Reasonable $49 a year. Cancel at any time.
  • We won’t sell your data.
  • Resources to do everything yourself in your account or the option of hiring us to do filings for you.

If you want to form a Wyoming LLC and keep your personal information off public records, you will need to utilize our Wyoming business formation package, which includes 1 year of our Wyoming registered agent service, a federal tax id number, and basically everything you need to open a bank account (should you want one) and be done. We will sign as your Wyoming organizer. You can not form a  Wyoming company by yourself and keep your info offline. A Wyoming Corporation will not be private, but we will gladly file corporations for you as well.

Top things we fix when people hired other Wyoming Registered Agents

  • Your address gets listed online
  • Your name gets on permanent records
  • If your company was formed privately, you have no documents showing you own it
  • You do not have membership certificates
  • A bad LLC operating agreement
  • Your registered agent charged you extra to hide your address
  • Your Wyoming Agent gave your information to the state
  • We have to re-instate you because your Wyoming Agent failed to help you file your annual report
  • You never got notices from the state because your Wyoming Agent was operating out of an Executive office center or virtual office center

There are many gimmicky websites out there selling Wyoming registered agent services. This is our profession. This is our craft that we work on and improve on every day. We find it insulting when outsiders throw up a website and just try to sell you on a cheap price without any real service offerings. We see many new websites almost monthly from Cheyenne operators gaming for your money. What kind of expert service will you get on a random website for free or 10 bucks or 20 bucks a year? Your WY registered agent company will be your only point of reference with the world and the state. We safeguard our clients information, legal documents, and privacy to the extreme. At Buffalo Registered Agents, you’ll experience the difference and our knowledge; we guarantee it. Although the web has made it easy for some to commoditize our industry; we refuse to lower our service standards and offerings to a point of just taking your money for nothing. Buffalo Registered Agents has always and will always be the premium registered agent service in Wyoming. As of May 2017, we are now the largest registered agent service in Wyoming. We’ll continue to strive to be the best year after year.