Wyoming Business Filing Tips

What you need to know about business filing in Wyoming


All filings in the state of Wyoming must have original signatures. Your registered agent is also required to sign a registered agent consent form. We automatically mail the consent form to you the same day you sign up for our services. You can begin filling out your Wyoming business filing and include our consent as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Initial Filings:

You can mail in your initial filing or we would recommend using a shipping service like FedEx or UPS to speed it up.  You ship it to the Wyoming Secretary of State address listed below. The same address is used if you want to just mail it regular USPS mail. Please wait for our signed registered agent consent form to put with your articles. You can go ahead and fill out the articles now, wait for our consent, then make a copy of all the pages, and mail it to the state. Include an email address and they will email it back to you as soon as they process it.

Certified Copies and Apostilles:

If you are from another country and need a certified copy of your business articles OR an apostille, you can order this direct and save. You simply fill out the Authentication Services  order form.  You’ll pay $3.00 for the certified copy and then $3.00 for the apostille of the certified copy. When you send in the order, you can include a pre-paid shipping label back to wherever you are in the world. The state processes these orders very quickly.

Ongoing filings:

You’ll have an annual report due at the first day of the month in which you filed your Wyoming company in. So if you filed your company Feb 12th, 2001, your first annual report would be due Feb 1st, 2001 and Feb 1st every year after that.   Remember to put in a company name for the person filing it so your personal name doesn’t get on the public records!!  It will cost you $62 to file online yourself.

Annual Meeting Minutes:

You never, NEVER, give these to anyone. Any company telling you that you need to file these and maintain them is a scam. They are trying to dupe you. Annual meeting minutes are private documents that you can do if you want to, but they are not required to maintain your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation.

Keeping it Local

What makes us unique is the fact that our Wyoming registered agent service is actually located in Wyoming. From our physical commercial office location in Buffalo, Wyoming, we serve business owners from all over the state. At Buffalo Registered Agents we go the extra mile by giving our customers free use of our business address and free mail forwarding when they hire us as their registered agent, or to form their LLC or corporation. We’re as local as it gets, and we work hard for all of our clients because that’s the Wyoming way.

Wyoming Business Resources

Secretary of State

Phone: 307-777-7311
Fax: Fax 307-777-5339
Wyoming Secretary of State, Business Division
State Capitol Building, Room 110
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Department of Revenue:

Phone: 307-777-7961
State of Wyoming
Department of Revenue
Herschler Building, 2nd Floor West
Cheyenne , WY 82002-0110

Department of Licensing:

Phone: 307-777-2843
Wyoming Business Council
201 West Lakeway, Suite 1004
Gillette , WY 82718