Wyoming LLC Annual Reports

What’s the WY LLC Annual Report?

The Wyoming LLC annual report is really two things: it’s a way for the state to check and maintain accurate records concerning which businesses remain active, and it’s also a way for Wyoming to generate some revenue, as LLC annual reports cost $62 to file (unless you have more than $300,000 of assets, for which you’d pay $.0002 per dollar of all business assets). If you’d rather not file yourself, we offer annual compliance nominee service for $100 a year plus state fees.

How to file a Wyoming LLC annual report:

  1. Visit the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website
    You can file your annual report online, and it’s the fastest way to do so. Enter the Wyoming LLC’s filing ID # (issued when the LLC was formed), and follow the remaining steps.
  2. Verify the LLC’s information
    The WY LLC annual report is very simple. Simply confirm your business’ address, registered agent information, and other contact info.
  3. Signature of authorized person
    To finish the annual report, an authorized person must sign. This person doesn’t need to be a member, only someone authorized to sign. This is a big distinction if a member doesn’t want their name to be a part of the public record. 
  4. Submit and pay filing fee
    Once you’ve completed the report, submit a payment of $62 to the Wyoming Secretary of State. Once this is done, so are you…until next year.

When do I file my annual reports?

On the first day of the anniversary month of your LLC’s creation. If your LLC was registered on January 25, you would file on January 1.

What does it cost to file an annual report in Wyoming?


Or, if you have more than $300,000 of assets: $.0002 per dollar of all business assets.

Who do I file my annual reports with?

The Wyoming Secretary of State.

What happens if I don’t file my annual report in Wyoming?

The secretary of state’s office will dissolve your business within 60 days.

Will my name and address be part of the public record?

Wyoming requires that someone authorized to file the annual report sign the document (or electronically sign it if it is filed online). You can, however, appoint someone to sign and file for you, thus keeping your name out of the public record.

Where do I go to file my annual report?

Right here: https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/AnnualReport.aspx