Wyoming Business Formation for Non-Residents

Why Non-US Citizens Start Their Businesses in Wyoming

In the world of entrepreneurship, location can make all the difference, and for non-residents looking to start a business in the United States, Wyoming stands out as a top choice. Known for its business-friendly environment, low taxes, and minimal regulations, Wyoming has emerged as a prime destination for ambitious individuals and companies seeking to establish a foothold in the American market.

Advantages of Starting a Business in Wyoming:

  • Low Taxes: Wyoming boasts no state income tax, no corporate income tax, and no franchise tax. This tax-friendly environment translates into significant cost savings for businesses and individuals alike.
  • Flexibility: Wyoming offers flexibility in structuring businesses. Whether you’re looking to form an LLC, corporation, or partnership, the state provides a range of options to suit your specific needs.
  • Privacy and Asset Protection: Wyoming offers some of the strongest privacy laws in the US. When you start a Wyoming company, you can keep your personal information private, providing an added layer of confidentiality for non-resident entrepreneurs. Additionally, Wyoming provides robust asset protection mechanisms, safeguarding personal assets from business liabilities.

Wyoming consistently ranks as one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S. It has a straightforward and efficient regulatory environment, making it easier to establish and manage a company.

With Buffalo Registered Agents, non-resident entrepreneurs can establish a physical presence in Wyoming through our virtual office services, which offer a prestigious Wyoming business address without the need for a physical office location. We not only offer free mail forwarding, but we list our address as your Wyoming business address on your formation documents, which helps to keep your private information off the public record.

Steps for Non-Us Residents Starting a Business in Wyoming

  1. Choose Your Business Entity Structure

    The first choice you have to make is what kind of business structure you want for your company. Non-US citizens need to choose between

    • A Wyoming corporation
    • A Wyoming LLC
    • The Firm LLC
      We created the Firm LLC to allow clients the ability to maximize the asset protections provided under Wyoming state law. This type of LLC is primarily used by a select few clients who are trying to protect wealth or existing assets.

    Wyoming Taxation for Non-US Residents

    The main difference between the LLC and the Corporation for non-US residents is how they are taxed. Since the corporation is formed in the US, it will be treated as a US entity for tax purposes on both income in the US and abroad. LLCs, however, will only be taxed in the US on US-sourced income. The downside to the LLC is that any US-sourced income will be taxed by 30% initially.

  2. Hire a Wyoming Registered Agent

    As a non-US citizen, you will be required to hire a Wyoming registered agent. Your registered agent will help the LLC or corporation meet residency requirements and be a critical contact point for your company. The Wyoming Secretary of State will send regular notifications and tax notices to your registered agent’s office. Should a lawsuit ever be filed against your company, a service of process (notice of the lawsuit) will be sent to your registered agent.

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  3. File Your Wyoming Business Formation Documents

    With the Secretary of State, you will file one of the following documents:

    LLC: Articles of Organization

    Corporation: Articles of Incorporation

    Buffalo Registered Agent LLC can help you complete and file all your documents. Request our Filing Service to form the business of your choice. We will get your forms filled out and filed properly the first time. Nobody is faster and more efficient than Buffalo Registered Agent LLC.

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    On your formation documents, you will appoint a Wyoming registered agent. You must file your Articles and a Signed Registered Agent Consent Form. When you hire us, we can help you with every step of your filing.

  4. Get Approved

    If your filing is filled out properly and your fee paid, the Wyoming Secretary of State will approve your filing and form your new business entity. The Wyoming Secretary of State will send you confirmation that your company is legally formed and allowed to conduct business.

What to Do After Your Wyoming Business Is Formed

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or EIN)

If your company is going to conduct business within the US or hire US employees, you will need a Federal Tax ID Number. This number is issued by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is used to identify your company for federal tax purposes.

International applicants (without ITIN numbers) can only apply for an EIN by fax. If the IRS does not fax you back within four days, you can call and request assistance.

Apply for an EIN

If you would rather have a Buffalo Registered Agent get your EIN for you, we can obtain a Tax ID number for your business the day you order.

Beneficial Ownership Information Report

Most non-US businesses operating in the US are required to file a Beneficial Ownership Report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This report is submitted online and is free to file. The information you provide is kept in a secure database and is not made public.

If your company gets registered to do business in the US in 2024, your report is due within 90 days. Companies registered in 2025 and beyond have 30 days to file their reports. If your company is registered before 2024, you have until January 1, 2025 to file.

Your BOI report must include information on your company, your beneficial owners, and your company applicants. However, if your business is created before January 1, 2025, you don’t need to list company applicant information.

  • Beneficial owner: Any person with substantial control over your business or who owns 25% of the company
  • Company applicant: Any person with control of your formation filing or who files formation paperwork (up to two people)

For your reporting company, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Legal business name
  2. DBA/trade names
  3. US business address
  4. Jurisdiction of Formation
  5. The state or tribal jurisdiction where your company first registers to do business in the US
  6. Tax ID (EIN or TIN)

For individuals, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Full legal names
  2. Birth dates
  3. Residential addresses
  4. Copies of photo IDs (driver’s license or passport)

We can make sure that your report is filed in a timely and accurate manner with our $25 BOI report filing service.

Open a US Bank Account

Every US bank is different and has its own rules and regulations. The only way to know exactly what you will need to open a business account is to contact the bank you wish to work with. Most banks will require at least:

  • Personal Identification
  • Bylaws or Articles of Organization
  • Proof of Authorization
  • FEIN

We suggest you select an international bank that has a branch in your home country. That way, should something with your account go wrong, you can contact your local branch and deal with the problem in person.

Once you’ve opened your US bank account, your Wyoming company will be up and running and ready for business.

We know what it means to be a small business, which is why we offer all of our clients the use of our business address and free limited mail forwarding. When you hire us to be your registered agent, you get to list our business address on your bank account, which serves to maintain your privacy and give our international clients a dedicated Wyoming address. Another perk is that we offer free mail forwarding for all of our clients, up to 3 documents per year. This means that if your bank sends you a new debit or credit card, or ships you a box of checks, we’ll forward them to you at no extra charge.