Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization

How do I file my articles of organization?

If you want to do it yourself, you can file Articles of Organization online at the Secretary of State website. Online filings are processed instantly!

You can also get a copy of the Secretary of State’s official articles of organization. You fill in the proper information, sign it, and send it to the Wyoming Secretary of State, along with your fee. The fee is $100. Along with your mailed filing, you will need a Consent to Appointment form from your registered agent. You would need to call us, and we will send you the signed Consent form, which you must include with your Articles.

Get a copy of Wyoming’s official articles of organization.

The address is:

Wyoming Secretary of State
State Capitol Building, Room 110
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Or hire Buffalo Registered Agent to file for you!

When you sign up with Buffalo, you have instant access to your online account. You can fill out your articles of organization in your account. We will mail you the Registered Agent Consent Form. Sign the form, send it back, and we will file your articles of organization with the Secretary of State. As an added bonus we’ll provide you with use of our business address in place of yours, and free mail forwarding when you hire us. Some registered agents charge extra for every little service, but nickel-and-diming people isn’t our style. We aim to offer exceptional service at a low cost. We even offer high-quality binders to store your formation documents once they’re approved, along with embossing seals to make your business documents look official.

Who do I file my articles of organization with in Wyoming?

You file with the Wyoming Secretary of State either online or at the following address:

Wyoming Secretary of State
State Capitol Building
200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Don’t forget to sign your articles of organization and include your $100 fee.

What is required to be on my articles of organization?

The state of Wyoming requires the following:

  1. The name of your company must include one of the following: Limited Liability Company, LLC, L.L.C., Limited Company, LC, L.C., Ltd. Liability Company, Ltd. Liability Company or Limited Liability Co.
  2. Your articles of organization must be accompanied by an original signed Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form.
  3. An email address.
  4. An original signature.

How much does it cost to file articles of organization in Wyoming?


How long does it take to process my articles of organization?

Online: instantly!

Mailed: three to five business days.

Wyoming does not provide expedited service for any reason.

Does my name and address have to be on my articles of organization?

No. Only the name of your organizer, and the name/address of your registered agent are required.

You may hire someone else—such as Buffalo Registered Agent—to be your organizer. Hiring us gives you the option of using our business address and not yours, which helps you maintain some semblance of privacy in a world where privacy is a premium.

Do I have to sign my articles of organization?

No. Only your organizer needs to sign your articles.

Can I designate you to sign for me?

You can hire Buffalo Registered Agent to act as your organizer.

As part of our standard LLC set-up package, we will:

  • Draft Articles of Organization and sign as your organizer
  • File your formation paperwork with the Secretary of State
  • Act as your Wyoming Registered Agent for one year

As part of our Firm LLC package, we will:

  • Draft Articles of Organization and sign as your organizer
  • File your formation paperwork with the Secretary of State
  • Act as your Wyoming Registered Agent for one year
  • Acquire a Tax ID from the IRS for your LLC
  • Expedite all filings

Does Wyoming reveal the names and addresses on my articles of organization to the public?

The name of your organizer can be found in the public record.

If you’re my registered agent, what name and address goes on my articles of organization?

Buffalo Registered Agents LLC
412 N Main St Suite 100
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834

Can you draw up my articles of organization for me?


We offer two LLC set-up packages, both of which include drawing up your Articles of Organization.

You can choose either our standard LLC formation package or our Firm LLC formation package.

How much do you charge to set up my articles of organization?

This service comes as part of our business set-up packages.

Standard LLC Formation Package: $200

Firm LLC Formation Package: $400

We do not offer this service unbundled. Thus, you have two options. You may hire Buffalo Registered Agent to completely set up your business, or you may hire us solely as your registered agent ($49 per year).

If I hire you as my registered agent, do you also have to be involved in creating my articles of organization?


If I hire you, how do you collect the information necessary and create articles of organization specific to my company’s needs?

We use standard forms that are accepted by the state of Wyoming, although sometimes clients wish to have additional information placed on their articles of organization. In that case, you may tell us what you’d like on the forms, and we can add anything to them at no extra cost.

I want to form an LLC in my wife’s name. Whose name do we use on the articles of organization?

That depends. If you wish to designate your wife as your organizer, use her name.

If you wish to hire Buffalo Registered Agent to be the organizer, then only our name will be listed.

Can I set up my LLC with proxy members? If so, can I designate you as my proxy?

Yes, you can set up proxy members. This would be done in your Operating Agreement.

No, we will not serve as proxy members of your LLC.

One of my business partners doesn’t live in the US. Can they still be a member of my LLC?


If my signature isn’t on my articles of organization, how can I prove that I own my business?

Two ways. First, if you hired Buffalo Registered Agent to be your organizer, we would send you an Initial Resolution document that states that we have zero interest in your company and that full ownership is retained by you. This is an internal document and is not filed with the state.

Second, you can designate ownership however you wish in your Operating Agreement, which is also not filed with the state.

How do I make amendments to my articles of organization?

In Wyoming, you need to fill out an LLC Amendment to Articles of Organization form and send it, in duplicate, to the Secretary of State.

The filing fee is $60.

Can my articles of organization be re-instated after I have filed an amendment?

No, not in Wyoming.

You can, however, restate your Articles of Organization at any time, and all amendments will be consolidated into a single document.

Are there changes to my articles of organization I’m not allowed to make?

Wyoming does not allow amendments to your registered agent and your principle business address.

How much do amendments cost?