How to Reinstate a Wyoming Corporation

When your Wyoming Corporation is dissolved, you can reinstate or revive your company any time during the following two years. Once two years have passed, it is no longer possible to revive a Wyoming Corporation. You will need to start a new Corporation.

Buffalo Registered Agent does not offer a reinstatement service. But we do provide the following guide to help you successfully complete your Wyoming Corporation reinstatement.

Steps to Reinstate a Wyoming Corporation

  1. Go to the Wyoming Secretary of State Website

    To begin to reinstate your Wyoming Corporation, you will need to enter in your Business Identification Number, which is issued when you form a Wyoming Corporation. If you have forgotten your ID Number, you can do a Business Name Search and find it.

    When you enter your ID Number, a Corporation Application for Certificate of Reinstatement will automatically be generated. You can fill out the form and print it out.

    Secretary of State website reinstatment page.

  2. Appoint a New Wyoming Registered Agent

    Just as you needed a Wyoming registered agent to incorporate in Wyoming, you must have a registered agent to reinstate your Corporation.

    If you are changing your Wyoming registered agent, you must file a Change by Entity form, which must be accompanied by a Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent form. The Consent to Appointment is filled out by your registered agent and sent to you.

    If your Wyoming Corporation was dissolved because of a lack of maintaining a registered agent, you are required to appoint a new agent. Otherwise, you can retain your former agent if you want to.

  3. Unfiled Back Annual Reports

    In order to process a Wyoming Corporation reinstatement, the Secretary of State requires you to file all back Annual Reports for the period of time that your business was inactive. You must file the back Annual Reports with your Application and pay all Annual Report fees and unpaid taxes.

  4. File Documents and Pay Fees

    Together in a single packet, file the following documents: Corporation Application for Certificate of Reinstatement, Statement of Change by Entity (if applicable), Consent to Appointment by Registered Agent (if applicable), and all back Annual Reports.

    Include with the forms a check or money order for the associated fees. There is a $100 filing fee to reinstate a Wyoming Corporation if your corporation was dissolved for failure to pay or file the annual report tax. You can also file the Reinstatement of Tax form online, although doing so requires using a credit card and paying a $2 credit card convenience fee. If your Corporation was administratively dissolved for failing to maintain a registered agent, there is an additional $250 fine. The Reinstatement for No Registered Agent form cannot be filed online and must be submitted via mail.

    You must include payment for all back Annual Reports and any unpaid taxes from those years

  5. Await Approval

    It takes the Secretary of State approximately one week to process a Wyoming Corporation reinstatement.

How do I know when my Corporation has been reinstated?

The Secretary of State will send you an approved Certificate of Reinstatement.

How long does it take to process my reinstatement?

Approximately one week.

My Corporation has been inactive for three years. Can I still reinstate?

No. After two years, you cannot reinstate a Wyoming Corporation. You can, however, start a totally new Wyoming Corporation.

If you’re at this point, you may also want to reconsider business entities. Wyoming LLCs¬†offer long-term privacy, fewer formalities, and in general, are easier entities to maintain.

Where do I send my reinstatement documents?

Wyoming Secretary of State
State Capitol Building, Room 110
Cheyenne, Wy 82002-0020

When I reinstate can I change my principal business address?

No. You must file an Update Form with the Secretary of State to change your principal business address.

Can I make changes to my members and managers when I reinstate?

No. You must file an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to change your members or managers.