Open a Bank Account for a Wyoming Corporation

How do I set up a business bank account for my Wyoming corporation?

Call your bank and make an appointment for setting up a business bank account.

You will need to bring:

  • Copies of your filed Articles of Incorporation
  • Tax ID Number from the IRS
  • Bylaws
  • Initial Resolution
  • Personal Identification

Do I have to be present to set up a corporate business bank account?

Bank accounts can only be opened in person. You do not have to be present, but someone must be.

If you wish to designate someone other than yourself to open business accounts for you, you will need to authorize that person to do so in your bylaws. Then, when the bank reviews your documents, they will see that the person present at the bank does indeed have the authority to open accounts for your corporation.

If I designate you as my incorporator, can you open accounts for me?

No. Unfortunately, the person who owns the bank account must be physically present and inside the bank to open the account. However, we often recommend opening an account at Wells Fargo, as they may be able to open a Wyoming account for you from a different state if you are not physically present in Wyoming.

If my Wyoming corporation owner is listed as a separate company, how do I open accounts for my Wyoming corporation?

If Business A owns Business B, and you wish to open accounts for Business B, you will need the following documents for BOTH companies:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Tax ID Numbers from the IRS
  • Bylaws
  • Initial Resolutions
  • Personal Identification

In the Bylaws of the parent company (Business A), you will need to authorize someone to open bank accounts for the subsidiary company (Business B). Your bank will not open accounts with someone who is not officially authorized to do so.